If you are definitely hoping to participate in an upcoming show, you need to ensure you are dressed for the event. In most shows, how you present yourself can make or break how well you perform. Most shows have specific laws on dress and tack. When it comes to riding shows, the best strategy is usually to stick to conservative grooming traditions. Wearing a proper outfit which is consistent with the rules of the show, is an excellent way to show some respect to the organisers and judges.

Hunter Class Show

Riders participating in the hunter class are judged based on style, movement, conformation, and most importantly, the rider’s presentation. Concerning riding outfits, the rules employed in the hunter world are somewhat relaxed. Players are expected to have the traditional black helmet while allowing them to exercise some creativity when wearing shirts and jackets. Breeches, however, might be in tan, fawn, olive brown, or any neutral colour.

Jumper Class

The jumper class is known to be entirely objective. Points are awarded based on conformity and completion of the challenge. This means that being fast and clean will see you win the round. Unlike in the rider class, jackets are relatively short and can be in any dark colour. Polo shirts can also be accepted in some shows. Shirts can be complemented with a tie and collar, while shirttails should be tucked in the breeches. Tall boots and half-chaps are also accepted.

Dressage Class

This is one of the most skilled equestrian events, where the rider and the horse are required to perform a series of pre-determined movements. It is a traditional sport, and riders are expected to wear identical clothing with a provision for minor adjustments. Shirts should be white, jackets should be reasonably long as per the requirements. Every rider should be in white breeches and should stick to classic boot designs.