If you need some clothes for your horse, you should probably be looking for a rug. Rugs are a select type of horse outfit which is designed to protect them from varying weather conditions. Providing your horse with quality and well-fitting rugs is vital for your peace of mind. Buying the right rug type for your horse plays a crucial role in regulating its body temperature and keeping the animal healthy.

Turnout Rugs

Turnout rugs are meant to protect your horse from harsh weathers such as wind, rain, and snowy conditions. Different turnout rugs offer varying levels of protection and warmth. Thus, the suitability of a particular design over another depends on several variables, such as the horse’s living and grazing environments.

Stable Rugs

These types of rugs are designed to cater to the needs of horses which are clipped and live indoors. Stable rugs are meant to keep the horse warm, especially during the cold winter months. Light stable rugs are mostly used to keep your horse clean.

Mesh Rugs

During the summer months, horses can be overly irritated by the presences of flies and midges on their body. Mesh rugs are designed to keep the horse relaxed while spending time outdoors, thus allowing them to enjoy their time on the field and spend more time outdoors.


Some horses tend to be overly sensitive to the sun. Summer sheets are essential outfits for such horses. They are created from a fabric which has a high cotton content, which is breathable to keep the horse fresh and protect its coat.

Cooler Rugs

Cooler rugs are designed to cool off the horse’s body. They are worn after exercise or competition, to ensure that the temperatures do not fall too rapidly while the horse relaxes. This implies that cooler rugs are primarily designed for body temperature regulation.