Transporting your horse can be both an exciting and challenging experience, depending on how you handle the process. The most commonly used way to carry a horse is by trailering. Unlike the widespread belief that transporting a horse on a trailer is a simple undertaking, equestrians know that things can be quite different. Trailering a horse can be tricky, especially to someone without the requisite experience.

Here are a few useful tips which will make horse transportation safe.

Exercise Caution While Loading

Walking your horse into a closed box is not easy, especially when you are trying it for the first time. It is essential to familiarise your horse with the loading experience before the big day. Also, ensure that the trailer is as inviting as possible to avoid frightening the horse.

Get Some Protective Equipment

Some protective gear is designed for horses in transit. Wraps, for instance, are used to protect the legs before the big day. The rule of thumb is to familiarise your horse with any protective equipment ahead of time, to avoid adverse reactions.

Get Some Food

Road trips can get tiresome, especially for horses. As such, packing food for your horse can be an excellent way to distract it and make it feel less stressed while in transit. You do not have to carry many things; a hanging haystack near the horse’s head will do the trick.

Drive Well

You should always drive with the horse in mind. This means that you should drive safely to avoid provoking or injuring the horse. Also, it is essential to keep a distance between your car and other vehicles, to avoid slamming the brakes when carrying precious cargo.

Transporting horses requires some skill. Also, there will always be challenges associated with this undertaking. But if you follow these tips, you can be sure of getting your horse to its intended destination safely.