Horse transportation comes in many forms. Some providers offer horse transport services. Some cover general transportation, whereas others specialise in show horses. Others have expertise in local or international horse transport. Any provider is often subject to some legal requirements, such as a specific insurance policy and a licence. Here are some common types of horse transport.

Local Transport

Local transport involves transporting or moving the horse over short distances within a specific locality. This can be simple taxi services, such as to and from your vet’s clinic. Local transport services are also used when selling a horse to a new owner in a nearby town. The good thing about shorter trips is that fewer preparations are needed, due to the short distances involved.

Interstate Transport

Interstate transport is essentially transport services within the state. As much as it is more of a local move, interstate transport services often follow a fixed schedule. While the distances involved might be relatively short, they are subject to considerable paperwork and preparations.

National Transport

National horse transport services cover a broader area. The major difference between national transport and interstate transport is the distances involved. However, national horse transportation is subject to serious planning and preparation. Part of the plan requires you to provide adequate time for vaccinations, certifications, dietary changes, and scheduling.

International Transport

International transport services are essential any time you are planning to move your horse to another country. The preparation involved in international transport can be more complicated. Whether you are transporting your horse for a race or an equestrian event, make sure that you pack essential medication and food. The preparation involved is often determined by the destination and mode of transport used.

DIY transport methods are highly discouraged, especially when transporting horses for shows and races. Finding a transport service will provide you with the safest option for your horse.