Horse riding clothes are traditionally known to be close fitting. If you ascribe to the western style, you might be aware that wearing those traditional plaid shirts and jeans can be very uncomfortable at times. When it comes to equestrian events, it is imperative to size your riding clothes and ensure that they fit tightly. Here are some reasons why any equestrian rider should wear close-fitting garments.

They Move with the Rider

Tight clothes are everything when it comes to equestrian events. The apparel, from shirts, coats and jodhpurs, to boots, should be well fitted. Fitted clothing is a form of second skin which always moves with the rider. The clothes you wear, however, should be made from a fabric such as cotton, which offers excellent moisture wicking properties.

Easy to Maintain a Proper Posture

Your riding posture is everything as far as equestrian events are concerned. Maintaining the right position helps you to remain on the hump and be prepared for any eventuality while on horseback. Wearing tight clothes to improve your riding posture is a relatively old practice, which came along with the English Riding Style, which is mostly used in equestrian events.

Helps You “Feel Your Horse” Better

Any rider would want to feel the power of the horse below them. They also allow you to monitor the movement of each body muscle as you ride. Being in harmony with your horse is vital in equestrian events such as jockeying. If you can tell how your horse is moving through its muscular movements, it becomes a lot easier to steer the horse in the right direction.

As much as you are looking for tight-fitting riding clothes, there are instances where some clothes might squeeze you tightly. As a tip, you should consider sizing up to remain comfortable.